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Powerful partnership promotes energy intelligence, innovation

“Energy is an issue that touches every person on the planet. That’s why National Geographic in partnership with Shell* has launched the Great Energy Challenge.”

That * is important: “National Geographic maintains autonomy over content.” There’s more — an Advisory Committee composed of six iconic independent experts on energy, environment and well, the planet.

The Great Energy Challenge “is a call to action to become actively involved, to learn more and do more — to change how we think about and consume energy so that we can all help tackle the big energy questions.” Its website is a one-stop resource where you can stay informed via Energy News, Energy Blog and GEC-funded energy initiatives from around the world selected by members of the GEC Advisory Committee. And, to get more fully engaged, website visitors can address The Big Energy Question; currently it is “What innovation should shape transportation in the future. Vote and comment”.

This alliance  of common interests among a powerful media enterprise, a global energy company and an array of independent experts is a refreshing counterpoint to the many energy confrontations that inhibit progress on one of the most important issues of the day. It bears watching to see what tools for measuring progress toward objectives are applied — and just how much progress can be documented.