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About Business in Society



Business In Society has an integrated two-fold mission:

  1. 1To draw new attention of influential audiences to current macro problems in global society and report on new efforts by business to address these problems.
  2. 2To build understanding and commitment to this principle: It is now not only possible, but necessary, to conduct business ethically and responsibly as well as profitably.

Business in Society LLC will pursue this mission by reporting on, and examining, how business is changing our lives – in our homes, the places where we work and in our local, national and global communities. We will view these epic changes primarily through the prism of the new business model called Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainable Development. This model, being adopted around the world by progressive companies, integrates strategy and operations to achieve both traditional business objectives and societal progress. It is demonstrating, as never before, that attention to the full range of current expectations and demands of twenty-first century stakeholders (“publics”) is, indeed, “good business”. The model has already demonstrated positive effect on the environment, energy conservation and improved use of human capital. Not without difficulty – and not without critics and some systemic setbacks — it is advancing and improving the quality of life and standard of living globally.

John Paluszek
"Corporate social responsibility/sustainable development has come a long way from its origins in the 1970s. At Business In Society we intend to give it a new dimension of visibility, recognition and impetus with regular national and international video programming. And we will use a variety of traditional and new media to do so." - John Paluszek, “Business In Society” Founder/Executive Producer