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Monday bombshells - Russian bounties on US troops: New dimensions for Nov. election - and beyond

Friday shocker: [Read More]

Can journalists, news media be truly objective? NYT columnists' soul-search

Seems like heresy when two national journalists take a deep dive into soul-searching the integrity of their profession. [Read More]

Globalization wounded by COVID19 will recover with science, economics, data, truth without borders

(Just posted: Response to a kind invitation by the Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management to produce a webinar on “Global Public Relations in the Evolving Society”. Condensed, edited from video script [Read More]

The deadly virus without borders vs. new vaccines under export limits: How geopolitics could thwart global equitable sharing

The global race for a COVID19 vaccine is on. [Read More]

News of the McClatchy bankruptcy begs the question: Can journalism be saved, and democracy with it?

"... Litany of the threats facing journalism ..." [Read More]

As historic news reports post daily here's how to help protect journalists, Free Press, democracy

"This is surely the time for nothing but the truth in journalism, and, of course, throughout society." [Read More]

2020 alarm bells ring for Big Tech: But are the companies "too big to fail"?

Imagine this scene: Leading business school* class, Business Ethics 401 - [Read More]

Politics in social media media: How much is Truth endangered?

What are we to make of this NEWSDAY report yesterday? - [Read More]

The story of a neighborhood hardware store, engulfed in "creative destruction", shutting down

Consider the local hardware store. [Read More]

Home Town Journalism Is In Peril; Why It Matters to the Nation

"The loss of local news coverage in much of the United States has frayed communities and left many Americans woefully uniformed ..." That's the subhead of a New York Times report yesterday, "How the Collapse of Local News Is Causing a National Crisis" .
[Read More]

Pervasive lying is not only wrong, it will cost U.S. (us) $$$ . How much?

"We are living in an age unlike any other we have experienced in the United States, and we can't feel secure about the long term outcome". [Read More]

Epic Saudi Investment Conference today: At the crossroads of business ethics + economic realities

"Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are." - Johann Wolfgang Goethe [Read More]

"Company towns" 2019: Tech giants fund to fix housing crisis "they helped inflame"

"The technology industry's biggest companies ... are deciding that they need to play a role in fixing a housing crisis they helped inflame ..." [Read More]

New: "Moral Money" and Dick's Sporting Goods, N.B.A. basketball in China

All the well-intentioned corporate responsibility bromides aside (think, "doing well by doing good", etc.) it often just comes down to this: [Read More]

US manufacturing down, workplace evolving: less blue collar more "new collar"

"It was the worst of times, it was the best of times." [Read More]