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New Book on Global Public Relations Free to Educators, Students

WESTBURY, NEW YORK (September 1, 2021) – Published today, free for public relations educators and students:

“Global Public Relations in The Roiling Twenty-Twenties …

Confronting Disinformation, Serving a Sustainable Society “

is a compact alert and summary of major issues of this turbulent decade and the relevance of public relations principles and practice to address them,” author John Paluszek explains. “Its primary objective: To stimulate – with educators’ guidance – student awareness, inquiry, study and discussion of these issues.”

The free book is offered as an optional supplement for planned public relations syllabi and pedagogy. It is structured to facilitate single- or multiple-issue assignments periodically and/or total book study.

It is available as downloadable/printable PDF (47 pages) on the

Business In Society home page.

The book centers on “Public Relations in 2020-2021 Global Crises”: Covid-19 pandemic; “Black Lives Matter” Attacks on Democracy/Truth, Trust Deficit, Climate Change, and Social Media.

It also addresses “Contextual Global Issues”: Reassessment of the World’s Great Powers, Refugees/Immigration, and International Corruption – as well as progress toward a sustainable society.

“We may well be asked, ‘why now?’”, Paluszek admits. “Why a freeze-frame of an ever-evolving society besieged by many highly volatile global issues? Response: Because this analysis, a focused ‘marker’ at a time of urgency, foreshadows sustained challenges of the decade and encourages public relations students’ interest and participation in public affairs.”

“Disinformation, a veritable anti-matter for public relations – permeates the cited issues. Yet there is now progress toward a global sustainable society. Ironically, each of these conflicting macro forces presents significant opportunities for current and future public relations professionals.”

09/01/2021 Author’s special note: This edition is published as the sudden, tragic return of the Taliban to governing Afghanistan begins to generate vast global uncertainties. To be updated. 


John Paluszek, a successful public relations counselor, has long served public relations education in program certification/accreditation. He has received an honorary degree, Doctor of Humane Letters, from Manhattan College, his alma mater and is a past president of The Public Relations Society of America and past chair of The Global Alliance For Public Relations and Communication Management.

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