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Gun control opinion research basis for progress: “Gun households/households no guns” agree on a lot


Consider these recent topline findings on the degree of agreement in “gun households”/households no guns”:  



Controls                                                      Guns Households                     Households  No Guns



Background checks on all buyers                                  93                                                  96          


Preventing  mentally ill from buying guns                     89                                                   89


Nationwide bans on sale of guns to people 

convicted  of violent crimes                                          88                                                    85    


 Barring gun purchases by people on no-fly

or watch lists                                                                  82                                                    84


Background checks for private sales and

gun shows                                                                       77                                                   87      


 More stringent controls generated less unanimity..



These findings — among with many others – were just  reported by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in

 How to Reduce Shootings           

 (Research by The Pew Research Center and Quinnipiac University).


 In an earlier column Kristof presented 10 Modest Steps To Cut Gun Violence .


He concludes his new gun control reporting this way:

 “Some of you will protest, as President Trump did, that it’s too soon to talk about guns, or that it is disrespectful to the dead to use such a tragedy to score political points. Yet more Americans have died from gun violence, including suicides, since 1970 (about 1.4 million) than in all the wars in American history going back to the Revolutionary War (about 1.3 million). And it’s not just gang-members: In a typical year, more pre-schoolers are shot dead in America (about 75) than police officers are…

 “Yes, making America safer will be hard: There are no perfect solutions. The Second Amendment is one constraint, and so is our polarized political system and the power of the gun lobby. It’s unclear how effective some of my suggestions will be, and in any case this will be a long, uncertain, uphill process.

 “So let’s not just shed tears for the dead, give somber speeches and lower flags. Let’s get started and save lives.”