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Economic transformation of US "Rust Belt" trumps fiercely-debated environmental concerns

Even as fracking is a hot environmental issue nationwide, it has become an economic game-changer for decaying Midwestern cities. [Read More]

As business titans move, will the earth shake?

We know their power and influence, but what will new Bloomberg and Tesla "re-sets" mean in the vast sustainability space? [Read More]

Prestigious business media voice offers new assessment of current, future CSR, sustainable development.

The Economist,in its latest assessment,appears to give "corporate sustainability" qualified support. [Read More]

Did Market Basket employees and customers make labor-management history in restoring their CSR-oriented president?

It’s been called “unheard of in American corporate history”. [Read More]

Room to Read "social entrepreneurs" generate literacy, especially for girls, in ten African, Asia, countries

"By 2015, we will have benefitted 10 million children who will have a better destiny through education", Erin Ganju, Room to Read Co-Founder and CEO, reports in thanking many partners, including an array of supportive business organizations. [Read More]

IBM Service Corps applies core competency to address social problems

Of the many admirable constructive corporate social responsibility/sustainable development programs around the world, why single out IBM's Corporate Service Corps? Let us count the ways: [Read More]

Latest addition to swelling ranks of women leaders combines military, medical and civic accomplishments

Ms. Loree Sutton, a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General, has just been named New York City's next Commissioner of Veterans' Affairs. [Read More]

Chrysler has just joined GM in establishing top-management "stand-alone" company safety czars. At stake: corporate responsibility, trust, confidence -- and, yes, -- sales.

"In a sign of just how much General Motors Co.'s recalls have focused attention on auto safety, Chrysler Group LLC is reorganizing its vehicle safety efforts into a new unit led by a senior vice president who will report directly to CEO Sergio Marchionne", so reports the Detroit News. [Read More]

IBM/Dow pro bono collaboration with International Medical Corps aims to improve sanitation, hygiene behavior in Ethiopia

Two global corporate powerhouses will apply their respective core competencies and corporate citizenship commitments jointly in the Wolayta, Ethiopia community. [Read More]

Patagonia apparel appeals to distinct, growing market, doing well while “doing good”.

Rose Marcario, Patagonia chief executive officer, “tells all” about unusual commitment to advancing sustainability: [Read More]

Can the public relations profession help solve international issues and tensions?

The September 2014 Eighth World Public Relations Forum in Madrid will be very ambitious. Themed “Communication With Conscience”, it will address seminal societal questions: [Read More]

President raises the stakes on "inversion" tax savings when U.S. companies shift hqs abroad.

From the presidential "bully pulpit": strong condemnation of companies "cherry-picking" nation's tax laws by moving headquarters to lower-tax countries. [Read More]

Even if you think that government mandating CSR ”can’t happen here”, might it happen elsewhere?

Reflect on India's new comprehensive approach to corporate law and governance. Because other countries -- including a few of India's fellow BRICS? -- may find it attractive. [Read More]

New York Times business columnist Eduardo Porter's assessment of CSR today gives it heft, and, implicitly, invites analysis.

"Motivating Corporations To Do Good" on the lead page of The New York Times Business Section today will likely spark wide-ranging comments and spirited debate. So here's an opening salvo. [Read More]

Doubters Alert: If even now you think CSR/Sustainable Development isn't for real and isn't here to stay, reflect on what's happening in China

Those of us who remember CSR's early days will recall that it was somewhat optimistic to think that the business model would be established generally -- and certainly not in Communist China. Now, we have to think again. [Read More]