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Why I now blog “blue” – reflections of an old journalist on this time of national crisis



I thought I had seen it all.

But I never imagined that I’d see America abducted and violated by foreign and national scoundrels.

That’s where we are today after felony convictions of two former close associates of the President of the United States — coming in the wake of 19 months of unprecedented national division, distortion, distraction and uncertainty.

So, with the long-term context and perspective of a very senior senior citizen, I write more in sorrow than in anger, noting:

… Our country under attack and in great danger from a foreign nation with cyber-security prowess bent on continuing to disrupt the U.S. political process and, on another plane, even cripplng our national power systems.

… An Administration attacking our intelligence community and a Congress cutting our cyber security resources while offering only empty rhetoric on the president’s many transgressions.

… Freedom of the press and citizens’ speech under duress greater than at any time since John Adams’ disastrous 1800 Alien and Sedition Acts.

… Major social issues — among them, health care, immigration and infrastructure — left unattended after being exacerbated by the Administration and Congress.

… Withdrawal of U.S. leadership in progressive international alliances and world affairs opening opportunities for influence of authoritarian governments.

… My wonderful children and grandchildren — and yours — who deserve the return of a society when America was truly great – 1776 -2016 – even with its imperfections. 


Our blogs at Business In Society weren’t always “blue”. We started the firm in 2013 to “report and analyze  macro issues in society and how business is addressing them.” What caused the change?

Maybe it was recently recalling how my father, at 18, immigrated to this country from Poland (unaccompanied by family) and came to love America and prosper in it.

In any event, the rationale for “blue”: Today, what is a more “macro issue in society” than how America is coping with one of the more distressing periods in its history?

And blogging “blue” still leaves plenty of space and time to continue to comment on the many important business-in-society developments in corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.)


On November 6th, if you’re in our Long Island  neighborhood and need a ride to vote, we’ll be happy to give you a lift.


” ‘Blogo’ ergo sum”