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Verizon sustainability report links “world’s biggest challenges” and the company’s “powerful answers”.

Verizon has said it well.

In its new 2013 Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility Supplement, it wins credibility by illustrating how its core competencies — technological and operational — are providing answers to today’s macro challenges in society.

The report shows how a for-profit organization can address traditional stakeholder goals and, on an integrated basis, help ameliorate social problems.

Highlights of the company’s strategy as reported in the current “Ethical Performance” report:

“. Demonstrate the value of its innovative products to improve education, healthcare and energy efficiency;

“. Minimize environmental impact and focus on fundamentally responsible business practices;

“. Set goals, track progress and report on performance.

“In each part of the process, the company emphasizes transparency and a willingness to engage with stakeholders.”

 We’ve seen hundreds of sustainability reports over the years but few, if any, have been  presented with such direct relevancy to today’s social challenges (as well as to the Business In Society mission: “To draw attention of influential audiences to current macro problems in global society and report on new efforts by business to address these problems.”)