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The Next Big Event In Women’s Empowerment

There are many, of course. But the March 5-6 Women’s Empowerment Principles Annual Event at the United Nations headquarters in New York City will zero in on the bulls eye: “Gender Equality and the Global Jobs Challenge”.

What makes a WEP event special? Consider: More than 650 CEO signatories to The Women’s Empowerment Principles, a partnership of the UN Women and the UN Global Compact, focusing on increasing and enhancing job opportunities for women.

Fittingly, the WEP Annual Event comes in the wake of the recent New York Times story on Mary Schapiro’s and Sheila Bair’s ethical “my way” of navigating the Wall Street-Washington D.C. “revolving door”

One more thing of note: Business In Society will attend, record highlight interviews and distribute its report in video/digital formats to business and academic communities shortly thereafter. For a warm up, check out the BIS interview of Lynn Povich, author of “The Good Girls Revolt” at