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Sir Mark Moody-Stuart’s “Responsible Leadership”; “Business For Peace”; and Chinese companies’ IPOs — today’s surprising juxtaposition in the evolving global business-in-society confluence.

As its formal publication date in the U.S. approaches, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart’s new book “makes for intriguing reading” (see Guardian Sustainable Business @ at time when “China I.P.O.s Mount” (read New York Times story @ What’s going on?

Sir Mark in “Responsible Leadership” :

“The Business For Peace initiative of the [UN] Global Compact aims to work with Local Networks to see how businesses in their country can contribute directly to peace while improving the local climate for business. The efforts are very country specific, involving, for example, efforts to reintegrate former combatants into employment in Sri Lanka, Colombia or Sudan, or addressing the economic problems of Syrian refugees in Turkey.”

(Business In Society will produce a related thirty-minute television interview with Sir Mark Moody-Stuart in early May.)

 “The Chinese are still coming and so are the investors”. That’s the lede in today’s Times story that reports on the recent trend of Chinese companies, especially internet-related companies, seeking capital from private investors. Alibaba Group, it’s IPO imminent, is perhaps the most impressive example. These companies are necessarily becoming much more transparent in seeking such capital infusions. Mao Tse-tung may be whirling in his grave.

What’s going on, is this: There is reason to hope that — even in the light of conflicts in many parts of the world — common human needs and aspirations can be addressed by economically-oriented partnerships and cooperation.