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Preview: “Freedom of the Press” Q/A at “Ask Me Anything”


How we can protect and promote freedom of the press and related pillars of democracy – AMA with John Paluszek, executive editor, Business In Society


 Sample “Freedom of the Press” Q/A s :



What are the personal qualities that makes someone a good journalist?

John Paluszek
Curiosity. Perseverance. Ethics. Energy. Sensitivity.

and, of course, communication skills.


(This comment will be published when the AMA starts on September 11.) 
Who do you think is responsible for spreading fake news?

Popularization of the  concept of “fake news” is relatively recent.

Purveyors: The current U.S. Administration, the “alt right”, foreign governments seeking to influence our society.


(This comment will be published when AMA starts on September 11.)
How did you first become interested in working as a journalist? Where do you find inspiration to continue your advocacy?
John Paluszek
First interest in journalism as editor of my college newspaper.

Inspiration mainly from today’s examples of great journalism, especially investigative reporters brave enough — sometimes under threats to their lives — when their reports are  “speaking truth to power.”

(This comment will be published when the AMA starts on September 11.)
Who are the global whistle-blowers and investigative journalists to watch out for at the moment?
John Paluszek
I’ll interpret “watch out for'” as a positive reference. In my subjective opinion, I  believe in the accuracy, integrity and effectiveness  of the investigative reporting teams at The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Also, these individuals:

Preet Bahara

Seth Abramson


(This comment will be published when the AMA starts on September 11.)
                                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED