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Open Letter to Natl Assn of Secretaries of State – Urgent: Protect our voting. Defend election poll workers. Sustain NASS members’ election authority


The U.S. Senate’s vote defeating the proposal to debate the For The People Act adds urgency to the need to protect voting in this country. And so, I write as an active voter in New York State to express my great concern about the future of U.S. elections and, therefore, the security of American democracy – and to encourage The National Association of Secretaries of State to take action on these grave issues.


A host of new threats to our voting systems have arisen in recent bills and laws in states across the country. Moreover, these initiatives, based on unsupported claims of fraud in the 2020 election, attack the honor and efficiency of many thousands of dedicated American poll workers.


I respectfully offer the suggestions below for NASS early action to protect the vote and those who patriotically – and now, valiantly – work to manage and implement voting in America.


In the spirit of NASS “overseeing the conduct of elections according to law” and “NASS Resolution on State, Local and Federal Responsibilities for Election Reform”, February 2021  ) please consider:


.  A robust condemnation of threats to election officials and workers. And – perhaps in association with the U.S Department of Justice, states’ attorneys general and other law enforcement leaders – protective action. This, as a follow to the February 2021 bipartisan NASS Resolution:  “NASS Resolution on Threats of Violence Toward Election Officials and Election Workers”


. Immediate public statements in support of your members attacked for carrying out their legally-assigned responsibilities in the 2020 election cycle. Examples: Georgia and Arizona.


. Legal action responding to bills and laws diminishing or eliminating the authority of Secretaries  of State to control the election process in their states. File as amicus curiae? (I am not a lawyer.)


. Opposition to proposals that illegally and/or unjustly reduce voting opportunities, especially among clearly targeted groups of citizens and communities.  Amicus curiae?



These, and potentially other relevant actions, represent the framework for an early and ongoing NASS campaign in the public interest – an initiative that is uniquely appropriate for the association.


Thank you for your longstanding service to our country.




John Paluszek , Executive Editor, Business In Society