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New SustainAbility research: “Too few companies get clear sustainability performance messages out to their investors”

Your company has a genuine commitment to sustainability but too few investors know about it. What to do?

A new SustainAbility report, “Closing the Sustainability-Investor Relations Gap” has a diagnosis and remedies.

Perhaps the central gap is the need for improved integrated reporting: “Not enough staff time or other resources [are] dedicated by Sustainability and/or IR departments to integrate sustainability issues and sustainability performance data into investor communications.”

[For the latest on “Integrated Reporting” check out The International Integrated Reporting Council]

Some solutions highlighted in the report:

.  Foster IR/Sustainability alliances

.  Build on existing tools and channels

.  Prioritize a few surveys or decide not to respond

.  Identify intersections between sustainability issues and the business model 

.  Ask investors what language and metrics they use

and, perhaps the most important of all –

.  Discuss the value of cultivating long term investors

SustainAbility, an icon in its field, has once again delivered valuable insights for the successful sustainable development/corporate social responsibility business model.