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Moral case and business case combine for CSR progress

By no means mutually exclusive, corporate humanitarian and financial objectives can even be seen as complementary.

That’s the case the faith-based investor coalition Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility makes effectively to many companies. For more than four decades it’s been applying that philosophy to convince companies to change their ways – in their own as well as in society’s best interests.

Now in ICCR’s 45th year comes its 2015-16 Annual Report, “Our Vision for Responsible Investing”.

The report summarizes ICCR’s recent progress with companies on climate change, sustainable food, health, human rights/human trafficking, water, financial practices and corporate lobbying and political spending. That progress tracks with many of the United Nations Post 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.

“Our members”, ICCR CEO Josh Zinner explains, “are unafraid to make the moral case with companies, even as we are making the business case as investors. Across all of our issue areas … ICCR members are continually pushing the world’s largest companies to be mindful of the long-term value of ethical corporate behavior.”

“…during 2015-2016 our members successfully engaged hundreds of companies on some of the most daunting challenges facing our planet and its people … ICCR members’ deep commitment to economic, social and environmental justice, inspired by faith and fueled by decades of experience, makes our coalition a powerful actor in pressing for corporate accountability.”