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Does Trump or Clinton have the better solution to the “old” vs “new” immigrants dilemma?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a lot of explaining to do to the folks in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

That town is an analog for the many others caught up in the U.S. electoral divisions brought on by an evolving global economy.  The New York Times has offered this explanation of the Hazleton — and national — dilemma over U.S. immigration

“Hazleton’s population is growing for the first time in more than half a century. Landlords, doctors and shopkeepers are learning to love their new customers.

“But the city’s economic evolution has left behind its previous, non-Hispanic working class and the presidential election has crystalized its frustrations. Many of those losing ground economically, including life-long Democrats, say they plan to vote for Donald Trump, the Republican nominee. Many of those who are prospering, including lifelong Republicans, say they will vote for the Democrat, Hillary Clinton.

“For both sides, how to deal with immigration has become a defining political issue … This city was built by European immigrants who flocked here a century ago to work in the coal mines. Their children found better jobs in the factories. Now their grandchildren are struggling against economic decline and cultural displacement.”

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have presented significantly divergent strategies for improving the Hazletons of the country.

Trump’s plan emphasizes a re-birth and expansion in coal production and fossils fuels generally — mainly by trolling back environmental and other government regulations. Clinton has issued “Revitalizing Coal Communities Plan” — a $30 billion initiative to invest in economic diversification and job creation.

Wednesday evening Las Vegas will be the site of the debate but Hazleton will be its epicenter.