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Does CSR extend to addressing the international refugees crisis? “Founder companies” commit to US refugees engagement program.

Fifteen major companies have taken “significant action to assist [in] the refugee crisis.”


The answer begins with this White House contextual introduction:

“More than 21 million people have crossed international borders in search of safety and are registered as refugees. The despair that drives these people to flee their homes is heartbreaking, but their resilience is awe-inspiring. Refugees are a valuable, untapped resource and, if given the opportunity, can thrive and contribute wherever they reside.”

“President Obama is challenging the U.S. private sector to draw on its unique expertise, resources and entrepreneurial spirit to help refugees regain control of their lives and integrate into their new communities.”

The newly-established Partnership for Refugees Call to Action meeting on September 20th will focus on three impact areas aligned with the concurrent Leaders Summit on Refugees at the UN: Education, Employment and Enablement. 

Each of the fifteen Partnership for Refugees “founder” companies has its own articulation for the balance between humanitarian and business motivations. For specifics on the implementation of these programs —  especially the application of core competencies and the commitment to measurement —  examine their statements in the program’s Call to Action announcement.