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Dad asks for just one 85th birthday gift and legacy: “Please VOTE”


Dear Mike, Steve, Pat,

        Chris, Matt, Mary,

        Julie, Amy, Jenny –

 As you know, I’ll be 85 years old on November 3rd.

I would very much like a gift that would make me very happy — but only one gift.  

It is this: Please …



VOTE on November sixth (or before) — and at every opportunity thereafter.


That will be my greatly-desired gift — and my legacy to you.


Of course, I know that by nature and nurture you are strongly inclined to vote. And that in our family “focus group” we have many shades of political opinion; I’d expect nothing less.

But based on what I’ve seen and experienced over many decades, without exaggeration I can tell you that voting in this U.S. election will matter more urgently than in any in my memory. (This, even though some of us live in voting districts thought to be “not in play”.)

I hope that you will not only … 


… but also urge everyone one in our extended family — as well as your friends, associates and others — to do so.

Many thanks. 




———– folllowers: See New York Times columnist David Leonhardt 10/08 : “Get Angry. Then Get Involved.”  (Vote)