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Corporate sustainable reports now drive ESG performance

Global citizenship reports are delivering “some surprising benefits” …

…¬†according to¬†the current edition of Eco-Business.

Noting that many thousands of companies are publishing global citizenship reports, award-winning journalist Grace Chua illustrates the impact of such reports on ESG issues such as greenhouse gas emissions, workforce diversity and community programs.

She presents FedEx, the logistics giant operating in 220 countries and territories, as a prime example:

“FedEx set a 2008 target to improve fuel economy by 30 percent, and surpassed that target in 2015 — some five years earlier than expected.

“The company achieved this through its ‘Reduce, Replace, Revolutionize” strategy, which involved reducing overall mileage by better route planning; replacing vehicles with more efficient models; and revolutionizing the fleet with alternative fuel vehicles.

” … by producing the report, [FedEx says], ‘we declare to our stakeholders what is important to us, and how that relates to them.’ That helps internal and external stakeholders like clients, banks, and investors make informed decisions.”

The best sustainability reporting, like that of FedEx, sets specific ESG targets, adjusts policy and performance to achieve them and reports regularly on progress — or, bravely, on impediments to such progress.

It’s now a matter of good business.