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Business For Peace, now on the ground around the world, is getting traction with the media.

It’s only seven months old, but the UN Global Compact’s Business For Peace platform is making a difference in seventeen regions around the world. Media is beginning to notice.

Business In Society is proud to be at the leading edge of this media “awakening”.  In an interview yesterday, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Chair of UNGC’s Business For Peace Steering Committee, outlined the “B4P” progress in conflict-prevention — and the business case for it — around the world. He addressed a summary in his just-published book, “Responsible Leadership”: 

“The Business For Peace initiative of the Global Compact aims to work with Local Networks to see how businesses in their country can contribute directly to peace while improving the local climate for business.” He stresses the importance of business engagement; partnering with governments and civil society; and recognizing that each effort must be country-specific in developing the secure and stable societies that reduce the likelihood for conflict.

Ms. Melissa Powell, Head of UNGC Strategy & Partnerships and Business For Peace, noted in her interview that there are already “on the ground” “B4P” advances in countries such as Indonesia, Colombia, Pakistan, The Philippines and Lebanon.  For example, The Indonesian “B4P” network has established ongoing dialogue with Islamists in that business community as a basis for mutual understanding and cooperation. “It is a model” she says, for reducing sectoral tensions in other parts of the world”.

The BIS program begins with a sober reflection on the tragedies of current conflicts but transitions: “If we can’t stop all of these tragedies, how can we at least prevent some of them? The answer may surprise you. It’s called Business For Peace.”  The program is in post-production and will air — and be distributed globally by the UNGC — at the time of the Business For Peace Annual Awards ceremony in Oslo May 14 -15.

The program follows earlier BIS presentations on “B4P” and has already generated invitations for “B4P” commentaries from several international media.