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Bloomberg (who else?), “financial information and news leader”, shows how a service company can be at the leading edge of providing its ESG information

Why give special attention to one of the many thousands of corporate annual social reports? Because Bloomberg’s shows how a leading communicator communicates in this space.

The 2014 Bloomberg Impact Report (Bloomberg has been issuing such reports since 2009) presents on three important planes.

First and foremost, the report documents how company CSR/sustainability policies, actions and progress, integrated into its operations, have produced both social and financial benefits. Examples:

. Bloomberg has eliminated some 450,000 tons of CO2 — and therefore saved $68 million — since 2008 by focusing on projects that both reduce environmental impacts and generate positive returns. The company’s emissions efficiency has improved 33% since the start of the program in 2007.

. An array of human resources initiatives have engaged employees positively: Some 87% have participated in Bloomberg’s Diversity and Inclusion, Wellness, Philanthropy and Engagement and Sustainability efforts. And 750 have served as mentors in Bloomberg Startup, reaching 900 students from over 50 nonprofits in 17 cities around the world; clearly both a social contribution and a long term recruitment vehicle.

Second, there’s the report’s leading edge reporting methodology and design:

. Bloomberg is reportedly the first company, public or private, to disclose its ESG information using “SASB Standards”. The Sustainability Accounting Standard Board “is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit [with a] mission to develop and disseminate sustainability accounting standards that help public corporations disclose material, decision-useful information to investors.”

. The Impact Report also discloses according to the well-respected guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (Sidebar: GRI has developed a new “four pillar” strategy on sustainability data, according to Ethical Performance.)

. Not incidentally, the report is designed for easy access to information on all important elements.

And finally, Bloomberg has had the confidence in the accuracy of its data and the completeness of its reporting framework to submit and receive assurance review from an independent expert organization (CVenture LLC).