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As historic news reports post daily here’s how to help protect journalists, Free Press, democracy


“This is surely the time for nothing but the truth in journalism, and, of course, throughout society.”
 Excerpts from the just-published analysis on protecting journalists, Free Press and democracy, “Applying Experience to Purpose”, STRIVE  online magazine, January – March, 2020.
“Actions and abuses against a free press observed across the globe are gravely concerning, and the numbers are even more sobering: In 2019 alone, 25 journalists were killed and at least 250 imprisoned. During the period ending August 31, 2019, 318 journalists were murdered for their work worldwide, and in 86% of those cases no perpetrators have been successfully prosecuted, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists Impunity Index 2008-2019, Getting Away With Murder…
“Chances are that in the time you read this piece, somewhere on this good earth a journalist will be threatened, censored, assaulted, unjustly arrested, jailed, kidnapped, or God forbid, murdered. The free press and liberal democracy will have received yet another grievous wound.
As an octogenarian , I view the mission of protecting journalists and journalism itself against such attacks as the “gold” of public service in my golden years …
“So what is to be done?
Engage. Energize.
To amplify: Apply the talents, experience and connections you’ve accumulated throughout your career years, perhaps many years, in service to the cause of your choice. Spread the word, encouraging enduring commitments. I did that with two of the organizations leading the defense of journalists and the Free Press: the Committee to Protect Journalists   and the Society of Professional Journalists .
I urge you to undertake similar action.