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Why won't women tell?

Why do workplace sexual predators get away with it so often? [Read More]

The President's Putative Infallibility

Dear reader, [Read More]

"In a category by herself", Muslim woman scholar's new book, "Shoah Through Muslim Eyes"

"Don't bother to attempt to stereotype Dr. Afridi. She is in a category by herself." (The Interfaith Observer, November 15, 2016) "Muslim Scholar, Looking to 'Speak the Truth', Teaches the Holocaust and Islam" (New York Times, February 20, 2015) [Read More]

Can coal companies and environmentalists find common cause in pursuit of "clean coal"?

Coal companies are trying to make common cause with environmentalists ... [Read More]

You can't prove this didn't happen

SETI Institute, searching for intelligence in the universe, has just recovered radio emissions from a far away galaxy containing a recording of this recent dialogue: [Read More]

When "whoops!" must be offset: Be quick, authoritative and personal about it

Corporate crisis management, a virtual cottage industry within the public relations profession, got an important new case history this week. [Read More]

We need immigrants to help grow the U.S. economy

Unpalatable as that will be to some American voters, it's the truth. [Read More]

"States' Rights" in the Trump era: Secession-Lite-By-Issue

Charleston S.C. harbor, February 2017 - For this visitor, Fort Sumpter, looming three miles out in the harbor, inevitably summoned up ghosts of "States' Rights", "secession" and the calamitous U.S. Civil War. [Read More]

Transparency International presents the antidote to today's "Corrupt Populism"

Keep this handy as you read daily -- no, hourly -- ominous headlines out of the U.S. White House: [Read More]

Business, civil society leaders: rebuild the social contract with UN SDGs

"Not heaven on earth ... but the world would be undoubtedly on a better, more resilient path." [Read More]

Lets' be real: A company has to stay in business to remain being a good corporate citizen

Have some empathy for Macy's -- [Read More]

Will enough companies drop ads at Brietbart to make a fakenews difference?

"A punch in the stomach". [Read More]

Make no mistake: It's the 21st century Great Powers War

Fortunately, it's not a shooting war. But, nevertheless a very dangerous, destructive Information War. [Read More]

Moral case and business case combine for CSR progress

By no means mutually exclusive, corporate humanitarian and financial objectives can even be seen as complementary [Read More]

Mayors seek to slow down anticipated "U-Turn" on key national policies

Mayors are stepping up on the future of U. S. immigration, public safety, climate change, and infrastructure. [Read More]