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Ethics, values are taking on more significance for M.B.A. s

"Something has changed. I would be kidding you if I told you there wasn't a different vibe in the classroom." [Read More]

"Let the People Pick the President"

help is on the way [Read More]

What does a company owe to its country -- and society?

Welcome to tomorrow's corporate social responsibility. [Read More]

What does a company owe to its country -- and society?

Welcome to tomorrow's corporate social responsibility. [Read More]

Protecting a Brand in Controversial Media: New Nuances

What's a company to do when it's ads are appearing in controversial media, especially a highly-rated television program? [Read More]

"Let the People Pick the President"

Even discounting the progressive afterglow of last week's election results there's still good reason to ponder the New York Times editorial, "Let the People Pick the President" arguing for the demise of the U.S. Electoral College. Key excerpts: [Read More]

An American divide: Business leaders demand "Dreamers" legislation; Congress consumed with tax cuts

It has come to this: On an increasing number of key national issues, American public opinion is better reflected by business leaders than by Congress and the Administration. [Read More]

Bridging the American Class Divide - Jobs and "The American Dream"

Yes, the American 1% and the poor have common interests. [Read More]

Often overlooked, CSR programs save many lives in LDCs: "Fighting a Death Sentence"

This is the story of "Fighting a Death Sentence" . [Read More]

Trump ACA sabotage: "It's a violation of the Constitution to kill a valid law"

The Trump Administration is once again thrusting America into deep uncharted, troubling waters. [Read More]

Apologia de profundis* re Trumpus

A letter to the many distinguished visitors from abroad in NYC for the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly: (* apologia - a defense de profundis - out of the depths) [Read More]

Report: Trump to 800M "Dreamers": Rescinding DACA, punting to Congress (help some day, maybe). Firestorm building

In the end, the Trump shrinking political core is wining out over hundreds of business leaders and many thousands of other U.S. leaders and citizens who urge preservation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Even Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Orin Hatch. [Read More]

The Mass Uncertainty Presidency

Who knew that uncertainty could be a powerful political weapon? [Read More]

America today: Will the Center hold? If so, what might it look like?

"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold "Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world" - William Butler Yeats' 1919 poem," The Second Coming", lamenting the World War I aftermath. [Read More]

Chicago Tribune and New York Times explain the C.E.O./Trump dilemma

It's a tough call. And it isn't going to diminish soon. [Read More]