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Fake News: This social media deadly virus needs immediate attention

It is nearly impossible to state the seriousness of the threat to American society represented by the false news infection contaminating social media. [Read More]

What should responsible business leaders do when a new political regime threatens to take the economy and society over a cliff?

"Welcome to reality". [Read More]

CoverGirl Signs Its First Ambassador in a Hijab

Sometimes a business leader, largely for business reasons, can help move society positively. [Read More]

"Stop the Presses!" Now, that old saw means transform U.S. journalism to --- what?

"It couldn't be happening at a worse moment in American public life." [Read More]

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change Is Official. Now What?

Trillions of dollars, the estimated cost of meeting the Paris Climate Change Agreement. And a U.S. presidential candidate who would scrap the whole deal. [Read More]

Final Presidential Debate - an opportunity to begin getting money out of national politics

"Money is the mother's milk of politics" - (Jesse Unruh, 1972) [Read More]

Does Trump or Clinton have the better solution to the "old" vs "new" immigrants dilemma?

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have a lot of explaining to do to the folks in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. [Read More]

Beyond what's legal: Economists may need philosophers on this CSR crunch issue

Some call CSR "corporate citizenship". Does that include paying more taxes than legally required? [Read More]

Exhausted by insurrection, Colombia will "give peace a chance". Business can help

"What we sign today is a declaration from the Colombian people before the world that we are tired of war... that we don't accept violence as a means of defending ideas." [Read More]

A post-election US infrastructure re-boot -- dream or destiny?

They don't agree on much. But Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both want government to help fix the many crumbling US roads, bridges and ports as well as improve energy and internet systems -- soon. [Read More]

Could the U.S. Presidency hinge on coal miners' fate?

The campaign key-issue conundrum: "Gains from global trade to the people who have benefited are enormous ... [but] the adverse consequences in the U.S. must be taken seriously". Those adverse consequences could very well sway the U.S. presidential election. [Read More]

Ocean winds, unlimited potential source of power, stir suppliers' imaginations

It's only the beginning of the beginning of a new U.S. power supply. But the soon-to-open offshore wind farm at Block Island, R.I. teases thought of what could be only a decade away. [Read More]

China steps up to the plate on international anti-corruption

Sceptics, suspend your disbelief. At least for month. [Read More]

The President -- proud father, husband -- describes new "feminist" even as many strive to overcome its obstacles

It's now commonly accepted that fathers of daughters -- such as President Obama -- are especially supportive of gender equality and opportunity throughout society. But news since his upbeat article in Glamour magazine earlier this month, "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" is not all that encouraging. [Read More]

Anti-Corruption: "The right thing to do" could have a macro tangible upside for needy people around the world

John Kerry said it best: [Read More]