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Not the proverbial "best kept secret", but certainly under-reported in the West: CSR, Islam and global business

“There is a vital but unseen rising force in the Islamic world -- a new business-minded middle class – that is building a vibrant new Muslim economy … their distinct blending of Islam and capitalism is the key to bringing lasting reform and defeating fundamentalism … They are the people the West can and must do business with.” [Read More]

"Think Global, Act Local" gets real: A company and a foundation deliver

FedEx Corp. and The Rockefeller Foundation, each applying core competencies, are heralding initiatives addressing critical community needs throughout the world. [Read More]

Largest investor to companies: Tell us more about your vision and future plans

What if most macro money managers -- and corporate top managements -- thought like Laurence D. Fink, "the world's largest investor"? [Read More]

New international business flowing to Iran; how long before "Iran Air" takes off?

An Iranian jetliner lands at JFK. [Read More]

Corporate money in 2016 politics: When is it consistent with shareholder value?

Government public policies can have profound effects on company employees, customers and shareholders. But smart corporate boards step forth carefully to avoid major pitfalls. [Read More]

Mission: Block ISIS online propaganda; develop counter messages that resonate

“The newest computer can merely compound, at speed, the oldest problem in the relations between human beings, and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem, of what to say and how to say it.” -- Edward R. Murrow [Read More]

Socially responsible investing gets a new advocate: billionaire hedge-fund founder

Traditionally, there are three ways to change income inequality, "by revolution, taxes or wars", Paul Tudor Jones II recently told a TED audience. He thinks there is now a fourth, his new Just Capital index that will rate companies on how "justly" they treat employees, society and the environment. [Read More]

"Transparency ... is crucial to establishing trust among all countries" on climate change

That keystone section in the carefully parsed language in last week's Paris landmark climate change accord leads to this assertion: The historic Paris accord presents an epic opportunity for nations and the private sector implementing the accord to apply this central sociological discipline: Policy/action/two-way communication is the essence of successful public relations (literally, "relations with the public"). [Read More]

Heading into 2016, companies are becoming more transparent, committed to long term sustainability

Any "Doubting Thomases" on the genuineness of long term corporate sustainable development (aka corporate social responsibility, corporate citizenship, etc.) might well consider two landmark research studies by The Conference Board. [Read More]

How do you balance the need for investment returns with desire for a better planet?

On the one hand, there is trust -- investors' belief that their portfolio managers will generate maximum returns on their investments. On the other hand, there is uncertainty -- the great uncertainty -- inherent in the roiling global society projecting climate change. Enter new, refined investment risk management. [Read More]

Can Today's Paris Climate Change Summit Succeed? China's Leaders, Under Duress, Are Key

"Kyoto" failed on climate change. So did "Copenhagen". What, in Paris, is different now? [Read More]

"Smaller Footprint, Giant Task" explains business sustainability in the real world

Unilever CEO Paul Polman, "a roving sustainability evangelist" personifies the fast-spreading, challenging sustainable development/corporate social responsibility business model. [Read More]

Contemporary "alchemists" transform an oil spill into environmental advances in Brooklyn

This green progress took a long time, but it may well have positive repercussions for generations of young students. [Read More]

The global sustainability movement is making sustainability reporting an imperative for business and society

"Research has found that companies that operate transparently differentiate themselves from competitors." [Read More]

Kristen and Katelynn -- and some 50,000 others -- taught us what "yes, you can" really means

First came several Marathon participants with "disabilities" -- arms pumping their specially-equipped handcycles -- to the admiration of the cheering crowds lining 26 miles of New York City streets, bridges and parkland. [Read More]