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It's a good time to remember patriots Jerry terHorst and Cyrus Vance -- Who?

(June, 2018 - Won't lie, so ICE man goeth - ICE Spokesman James Schwab Resigns, He Could No Longer Spread Falsehoods for #Trump Administration) [Read More]

Immigrant Children Separated From Families: Sustain the National Rage

In just the 36 hours after President Trump signed his bogus photo-op executive order on the separation of immigrant children from their families, it became clear that: [Read More]

Responsible Investing vs. AR-15 weapons

"I believe we are going to reduce the distribution of assault weapons and I believe we are going to make it more difficult for those [gun] companies to get capital." [Read More]

Artificial Intelligence bringing tough ethical decisions to business

It is not hyperbolic to say it: [Read More]

Buffett, Dimon urge end to quarterly profit forecasts. Sounds like sustainable business

Predicting quarterly earnings, bad. Focus on long-term goals, good. [Read More]

The American Business Affair with President Trump

“This is quite a game, politics. There are no permanent friends, no permanent enemies, just permanent interests." [Read More]

Gun control opinion research basis for progress: "Gun households/households no guns" agree on a lot

Consider these recent topline findings on the degree of agreement in "gun households"/households no guns": [Read More]

Trump on trade : ZTE, China Vey Bad ... Wait , ZTE not so bad, needs help. Let's try

That's the trade news from Trump today. Emphasis on today. [Read More]

Can there be anything new in sustainability conferencing?

You bet. [Read More]

Coming: The "Separation of Powers" Judicial vs. Executive constitutional confrontation

Yes, over more than two centuries, there have been many confrontations between the "separate but equal" Judicial and Executive branches of the U.S. government. But, arguably, none since the Civil War with the sweep and scope of the constitutional storm now descending upon the nation. [Read More]

Is America becoming a "has been" on the international stage?

"The country [America] needs a strategy to deal with its diminishing global influence." [Read More]

What the world needs now is "Intermediaries". Help has just arrived.

Good news: Thousands of "intermediary" candidates are now preparing for that role in society at many hundreds of colleges and universities in the U.S. and around the world. [Read More]

Mark Zuckerberg and Congress: Re-imagining Facebook

Amid a dizzying torrent of advice -- most of it unsolicited -- Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, is scheduled to meet with Congressional leaders tomorrow. [Read More]

"News" at Sinclair stations: News directors must read propaganda. Antidote: transparency

Need it be said that U.S. professional societies impacting public opinion have special social responsibilities? [Read More]

Fixing, saving social media: "The business of business is now society"

Even as Facebook addresses its crisis management over privacy issues, Facebook Introduces Central Page For Privacy and Security Settings it might well ponder advice just offered from concerned, informed "outliers" - literally, from "outside the box." [Read More]