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The Green New Deal environment debate: Enter, the nuclear option

"The only possible solution [to global warming] is a rapid, worldwide expansion of nuclear power." [Read More]

Journalism is in distress: What's at stake for all of us

mael-strom - a powerful , often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a certain radius - Merriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition [Read More]

Quick: While government is not shut down, let's examine a political, business "middle"

Searching for the elusive middle ground in the muck that is now U.S. national politics?

If so, ponder advice from Democratic Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo who believes "it would be a serious tactical mistake to nominate any candidate who seems to be at war with capitalism." "The Loneliness of the Moderate Democrat"


[Read More]

John Bogle: Champion of the "small investor", exemplar of "Purpose/Profits"

A rare testament for a business leader -- or for anyone: [Read More]

PG&E bankruptcy: "the biggest warning yet of financial risks of climate change"

Without diminishing the stark human tragedy of the horrendous recent California wild fires -- lives lost, lives unalterably damaged -- there is also this: [Read More]

2020 Political News - Already

Yes, already! [Read More]

Society Evolves. Capitalism Adapts - Again

Start with the British East India Company, circa 1600. [Read More]

"Preparing For A World War of Lies and Half-Truths" *

[This commentary relates to only one of several overlapping existential threats that social media/digital communications now present to global society. Others: assault on privacy, cyber hacking, undermining the journalism profession.] [Read More]

The Warren, Ohio Auto Jobs Tragedy - Who is to blame?

Who should be blamed when a town's signature-industry jobs depart - when a company providing those jobs moves a plant or other facilities to a new location? [Read More]

China, "The Land That Failed To Fail" - What's next for it -- and the world?

"China is a superpower and it may soon surpass the United States ...the story of how it got there." [Read More]

Thanksgiving Tribute: The Abiding Strength of American Democracy

"In the case of Vietnam there was a remedy. [Read More]

Different take on Amazon HQ2s: Tough questions on company's social responsibilities

What's not to like when a company announces locations for a mega expansion creating at least 50,000 jobs? [Read More]

Google High-Tech Employees Global March: A New Kind of "Labor Movement?"

Are we are on brink of a new kind of workplace "labor movement"? [Read More]

SRI ESG investment soaring -- up 38% in two years

Remaining socially responsible investing (SRI) "Doubting Thomases" had best take a new look at this fast growing and socially impactful investment community. [Read More]

SF voters' CSR issue: Tax companies to help the homeless? What does a company "owe" its hometown(s)?

When, on November 6th San Francisco voters decide whether to tax local companies to help the city's homeless, cities and companies across the country will be paying close attention. [Read More]