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Verizon sustainability report links "world's biggest challenges" and the company's "powerful answers".

Verizon has said it well. In its new 2013 Annual Report and Corporate Responsibility Supplement, it wins credibility by illustrating how its core competencies -- technological and operational -- are providing answers to today's macro challenges in society. [Read More]

Barra's G.M. full apology harbinger of women's leadership or savvy CEO action regardless of gender?

"Mary Barra understands the value of taking full responsibility for G.M'.s latest, high-profile challenges, especially if she wants to send the message that this is a new G.M." -- Karl Brauer, auto research firm Kelley Blue Book. [Read More]

CSR Big Think economist: how will business, society look if “the 1%” add wealth incrementally? Spoiler alert: it’s not pretty.

In “Capital in the Twenty First Century”, the book hitting bookstores this week, Thomas Piketty of the Paris School of Economics projects that current economic forces that concentrate more and more wealth among “the fortunate few” will very likely prevail for a long time. If so, he predicts, “inequality” will get much worse. [Read More]

New momentum for Women's Empowerment Principles CSR from leaders -- women and men -- on eve of Intl Women's Day

They came from all over the world. They came to the United Nations headquarters in New York with a single-minded mission: To push women's empowerment -- at last -- to the brink of its "goal line". [Read More]

Legal experts project environmental priorities, concerns, opportunities

It's been written that when a company makes a strategic decision, there are potentially four critical outcomes: legal, financial, operational and reputational. Now comes a bridge between the legal and reputational challenges and opportunities in corporate environmental management. [Read More]

Business leaders to be key part of new Obama partnership to help young black men succeed

The initiative is called "My Brother's Keeper". With some $200 million pledged by non profit foundations over the next five years, the partnership will focus, according to the New York Times, on "the most intractable economic and social problems that confront young black men ... includ[ing] early-childhood development, educational opportunities, school readiness and discipline, parenting…

[Read More]

Good news: Private-sector anti-poverty in Asia/ Not so good news: "It's not 'CSR' "

There is much good news about private sector anti-poverty effectiveness in Asia, but it's blurred a bit by a limited understanding of "CSR" [Read More]

The Accord for Building and Fire Safety in Bangladesh reaches 150 company signatories

You may be surprised to learn that the Accord, established in the wake of the horrendous Rana Plaza Bangladesh apparel factory disaster, has reached a milestone: Some 150 apparel companies from 20 countries in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia have signed the legally-binding agreement. [Read More]

Business Against Poverty, Business For Peace – Oxymorons No Longer

Suddenly – virtually overnight – the real, long-standing virtues of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development commitments are “news”. [Read More]

How many apparel consumers will help "Alta Gracia" pay its employees a "living wage"?

Joseph Bozich, founder of the Spartanburg SC apparel supplier Knights Apparel,is betting that a lot of consumers will do just that. And he's betting his company's future on it. [Read More]

The Next Big Event In Women’s Empowerment

There are many, of course. But the March 5-6 Women’s Empowerment Principles Annual Event at the United Nations headquarters in New York City will zero in on the bulls eye: “Gender Equality and the Global Jobs Challenge”. [Read More]