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Keep an eye on the Capital-Labor Pendulum. It may be beginning to move

Even as political earthquakes begin to rumble this week, it seems relevant and worth asking: Is the capital-labor power dynamic beginning to reverse and lean a bit toward workers? [Read More]

Will the world no longer protect its refugees seeking asylum?

This week the U.S. Supreme Court may have delivered refugee asylum a knockout blow when it affirmed a new Trump Administration initiative severely limiting entry of Central American migrants. [Read More]

Organizing "Workers-as-Voters": New and Old Models for 2020 Issues

Consider: [Read More]

CEOs widen corporations' role in society with a new "Purpose" pledge

"This could be the start of something big." * [Read More]

Can Walmart marshal its business partners to help curb gun violence?

Walmart has been thrust to the epicenter of the roiling U.S. gun violence debate. [Read More]

CSR/Sustainability end-of-month rapid-fire news trifecta

July is ending with a swirl of corporate social responsibility/sustainable development big ideas and actions with serious long-term implications. [Read More]

Amazon's new employee training program: Scalable to a "reskilling revolution"?

Amazon's new $700 million "reskilling" of employees could generate major ripples in American business and well beyond. [Read More]

Conservative columnist: To really aid refugees - Don't build a wall; help rebuild their nations

New York Times columnist Bret Stephens today addressed the tragic global refugees crisis "An Immigration Policy Worse than Trump's". Skewering such policies in Europe, Africa and the United States, he offered this prescription for America: [Read More]

Will the American "political center" form and prevail in 2020? Here's how it might

(This week we simply present, without comment, American political wisdom from a centrist journalist.) [Read More]

"Surveillance Capitalism": Should we be worried?

Maybe we should all be worried about "Surveillance Capitalism". Is it coming? Is it already here? [Read More]

Business groups have just been heard loud + clear on U.S. tariffs/trade and abortion

What was business leaders' role in President Trump's abrupt flip on imposing tariffs on Mexico? [Read More]

Resolved: "Europe's Green surge matters more than the rise of the far right"

That is the admittedly debatable position espoused -- with impressive, if lonely, logic -- by Martin Sandbau, Economics Commentator at The Financial Times [Read More]

CEOs risk ignoring new workforce transformation: employees' social issue activism

"The strength and speed of staff unrest has come as a stunning development ... [Read More]

A US-China trade war? There's much more at stake for the world than just "trade"

Depending on the day, hour and mood of the American President, we are now in a U.S.- China trade war -- or not. [Read More]

U.S. isolation on critical global issues now extending to online extremism

Its name: "The Christchurch Call", channeling the March 15th terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand. [Read More]