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In yet another creative derivative of traditional capitalism, a private equity firm is cleaning a polluted Alabama lake -- as a long-term $ investment.

There are, of course, costs for the social benefits of environmental cleanup. Can you fund that profitably? A progressive private equity firm says "yes" and is paying the bills. [Read More]

Celebrity mainstream economist endorses "benefit corporations" and has even more "un-mainstream" ideas on business/non profits

You're probably familiar with Robert J. Shiller, especially if you care about home prices. Now he is offering advice on morphing business and social organizations. [Read More]

"Small business", family business flexing muscles, making headlines on the minimum wage and religious values/ health care benefits.

We know, of course, that small business has great economic clout -- creating jobs, inventing products and serving communities. But now small companies, as well as closely-held family enterprises, are major players in the national discourse on low-paid workers and controversial health care benefits in the Affordable Care Act. [Read More]

Accenture, endorsing the "circular economy", adds its considerable weight to potential positives of CSR/Sustainable Development

It's fashionable for too many CSR/sustainable development commentaries these days to be defensive. So an "opportunity" analysis/projection in that space is refreshing. That's what Peter Lacy, managing director of Accenture's Asia Pacific Strategy and Sustainability Services, presents in his commentary, "The circular economy's trillion-dollar opportunity" just published by Eco-Business Asia Pacific. [Read More]

Symantec with Net Impact confront "terrifying statistic": nearly six million young Americans (16 -24) out of school/out of work. Tech diversity inadequacies too.

When a creative company and a well-networked non-profit link to address a major social problem some very good things may happen. [Read More]

Despite progress at Bangladesh apparel factories, formidable obstacles remain

No one said it would be easy. Even in the wake of the deadly Rana Plaza factory collapse last year it was clear: Good intentions had to overcome conflicting interests. Now, reality bites. [Read More]

New research links CSR with stock price. Communication is a key factor.

Although it's the newest in a long list of research projects attempting to link CSR and stock price, its prestigious provenance makes Professor CB Bhattacharya's work worth pondering. [Read More]

Heavy-hitters in business and finance prescribe risk management, market solutions -- i.e. carbon dioxide tax -- to divert "the coming climate crash".

Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson Jr. -- who knows quite a bit about society-threatening "bubbles" -- now warns that "we're staring down a climate bubble that poses enormous risks to both our environment and economy." [Read More]

The ceaseless news about war, terrorism and other conflicts drown out many institutions' long-term commitments to work for peace. Business is one of them.

With the depressing news of violence this week, especially from Iraq and Syria, it's important to reflect on efforts by business leaders and their partners to build foundations for lasting conflict resolution. [Read More]

Business innovations in online training, higher education: Start of something big?

The U.S. lament that there are plenty of jobs but not nearly enough people with the training to qualify for them may fade with the introduction of the on-line "NanoDegree." [Read More]

The "contrarian view" from Manhattan Institute's Robert Bryce: Physics, economics dictate natural gas-to-nuclear energy dominance for the long term.

The point of view: Wind, solar and biofuels just can't cut it as key sources for meeting the world's soaring demand for energy. [Read More]

(Part two on future of Capitalism) "Inclusive Capitalism" enters the evolving lexicon projecting a new era of business in society.

Paul Druckman, CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council, on attending the recent conference, "Inclusive Capitalism: Building Value, Renewing Trust": [Read More]

Some heavy hitters in the CSR/Sustainable Development community are offering new articulations and forecasts on next stage evolution of Capitalism

It's all about the long-term sustainability of companies. And, oh yes, of society. [Read More]

Snap-shot: A three-day visit is enough to convince this Yank that Canadians have rightly valued news and action on environment and CSR/sustainable development/shared value.

Granted, it was in Alberta where environmental and corporate citizenship issues abound. And granted too, that it was a relatively short visit. But this reporter came away with a strong impression that is quite likely to last: [Read More]

In conflict zones, people's visceral needs eventually trump violence.

After weeks of violent clashes in their city and other parts of eastern Ukraine, thousands of steelworkers in Mariupol have said "enough is enough". [Read More]