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The ceaseless news about war, terrorism and other conflicts drown out many institutions' long-term commitments to work for peace. Business is one of them.

With the depressing news of violence this week, especially from Iraq and Syria, it's important to reflect on efforts by business leaders and their partners to build foundations for lasting conflict resolution. [Read More]

Business innovations in online training, higher education: Start of something big?

The U.S. lament that there are plenty of jobs but not nearly enough people with the training to qualify for them may fade with the introduction of the on-line "NanoDegree." [Read More]

The "contrarian view" from Manhattan Institute's Robert Bryce: Physics, economics dictate natural gas-to-nuclear energy dominance for the long term.

The point of view: Wind, solar and biofuels just can't cut it as key sources for meeting the world's soaring demand for energy. [Read More]

(Part two on future of Capitalism) "Inclusive Capitalism" enters the evolving lexicon projecting a new era of business in society.

Paul Druckman, CEO of the International Integrated Reporting Council, on attending the recent conference, "Inclusive Capitalism: Building Value, Renewing Trust": [Read More]

Some heavy hitters in the CSR/Sustainable Development community are offering new articulations and forecasts on next stage evolution of Capitalism

It's all about the long-term sustainability of companies. And, oh yes, of society. [Read More]

Snap-shot: A three-day visit is enough to convince this Yank that Canadians have rightly valued news and action on environment and CSR/sustainable development/shared value.

Granted, it was in Alberta where environmental and corporate citizenship issues abound. And granted too, that it was a relatively short visit. But this reporter came away with a strong impression that is quite likely to last: [Read More]

In conflict zones, people's visceral needs eventually trump violence.

After weeks of violent clashes in their city and other parts of eastern Ukraine, thousands of steelworkers in Mariupol have said "enough is enough". [Read More]

Foreign-owned Ho Chi Minh City apparel factories are severely damaged or destroyed, sparked by China-Vietnam maritime dispute.

A "spark" is all that's needed for violent conflict to break out when "societal tinder" is place. [Read More]

Business For Peace, now on the ground around the world, is getting traction with the media.

It's only seven months old, but the UN Global Compact's Business For Peace platform is making a difference in seventeen regions around the world. Media is beginning to notice. [Read More]

Excellent CSR/Sustainable Development "outreach" initiatives can be offset by one major operational deficiency.

The recent series of tragic oil train accidents wreaking havoc on communities reminds us that corporate citizenship also relates to operational efficiency protecting all stakeholders. [Read More]

New university research presents insights on "Bad Apple CEOs"

Company shareholders and stakeholders have a new "head's up" on choosing -- or keeping -- the organization leader. [Read More]

Sir Mark Moody-Stuart's "Responsible Leadership"; "Business For Peace"; and Chinese companies' IPOs -- today's surprising juxtaposition in the evolving global business-in-society confluence.

As its formal publication date in the U.S. approaches, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart's new book "makes for intriguing reading" (see Guardian Sustainable Business @ at time when "China I.P.O.s Mount" (read New York Times story @ What's going on?

Sir Mark in "Responsible…

[Read More]

"Shared Value" Business Model will surge in May

Business leaders convening in bustling New York City and the snowy resort city, Banff, Canada, next month will have ample opportunity to gage the fast-spreading impact of the "Shared Value" movement "bringing business and society back together." [Read More]

If you care about the world "post 2015", check out this summary of a debate at the UN between so-called "haves" and "have-nots"

It was called the "Joint Thematic Debate/Forum on Partnerships". And it was, indeed, a debate - spirited, but with good will -- on how necessary, but difficult, multi-stakeholder partnerships may be when addressing the looming existential challenges for global society [Read More]

Business In Society is pleased to report new co-branding of CSR video programming with UNGC's Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

PRME's April Newsletter announces PRME/Business In Society co-branding of CSR video programs. [Read More]