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Cheap gasoline and crumbling infrastructure: Can there possibly be a better time for the long-promised bipartisan political leadership?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower -- who led us in defeating the Axis Powers and led the country during eight years of prosperity -- said that one of his proudest accomplishments was the construction of the U.S. Interstate Highway System. [Read More] marshals technology luminaries, millions of issue activists, to petition for wide spectrum of changes in society

Some 80 million people worldwide are reportedly using the site to demand significant change from governments and companies. [Read More]

Is CSR the leading edge of a more moral capitalism?

Is it naïve to think of CSR, sustainable development, socially responsible investment, cause-related marketing etc. as representing a new epic in the evolution of capitalism? [Read More]

In Virginia, emerging option on fracking controversy: Distinctions must be made

On Election Day, oil industry and fracking opponents reportedly split eight local races in California, Ohio and Texas. But now we may be seeing the emergence of how such polarization may be mitigated. It's called imposed compromise. [Read More]

Should corporate transparency extend to political donations?

Why do some companies refuse to make political donations; others make such contributions and disclose them; and still others -- most likely the greatest number -- make the contributions anonymously?? [Read More]

Powerful partnership promotes energy intelligence, innovation

"Energy is an issue that touches every person on the planet. That's why National Geographic in partnership with Shell* has launched the Great Energy Challenge." [Read More]

"Double-Bottom-Line" companies looking to make social impact get capital for launch, growth

Tesla, Solar City and Pandora Media are among companies benefiting from venture capital. [Read More]

Business organizes to "make a lasting impact on the lives of children and youth through education"

2015 Education Countdown: Failure is Not an Option [Read More]

Before ISIS, Iraqis' chief public concerns: unemployment 79%, crime 64%, corrupt political leaders 63%, religious group conflict 46%, ethnic/tribal group conflict, 39% (Pew 2012)

"The lack of jobs arguably softened the ground for ISIS' sudden advance. Although a poor economy does not cause violent extremism, it can contribute to the conditions that terrorists can exploit." [Read More]

Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh (Marx and Lenin, too) must be restless as people in Communist-led countries admire capitalism

Maybe it's just the old story: "What have you done for me lately?" [Read More]

Can a rich man enter "CSR Heaven?"

To this allegorical question, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton seems to answer, "Yes, but it may not be easy and it may take time". [Read More]

As a "new corporation" in evolving capitalism, Unilever emphasizes growth addressing social issues with its long-term oriented investors, employees, consumers.

There are many articulations for successful corporate social responsibility/sustainability, but none more forceful and convincing than that of Unilever's CEO Paul Polman. [Read More]

Eighth World Public Relations Forum: “Communication With Conscience”

“Transforming Communication/Corporate Social Responsibility” [Read More]

Arabesque Asset Management, incorporating Islamic investment principles, and Oxford join the chorus supporting CSR and investments in companies

An unusual business research partnership is presenting new CSR/investment support. [Read More]

Terrorism, brutality and ideological extremism must be confronted and overcome -- mainly with military and political firepower. What comes after that?

People everywhere want security, stability and a chance for a better life. In the long term, that's what business aims to provide, even when people differ. There's a way: [Read More]