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Before ISIS, Iraqis' chief public concerns: unemployment 79%, crime 64%, corrupt political leaders 63%, religious group conflict 46%, ethnic/tribal group conflict, 39% (Pew 2012)

"The lack of jobs arguably softened the ground for ISIS' sudden advance. Although a poor economy does not cause violent extremism, it can contribute to the conditions that terrorists can exploit." [Read More]

Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh (Marx and Lenin, too) must be restless as people in Communist-led countries admire capitalism

Maybe it's just the old story: "What have you done for me lately?" [Read More]

Can a rich man enter "CSR Heaven?"

To this allegorical question, LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton seems to answer, "Yes, but it may not be easy and it may take time". [Read More]

As a "new corporation" in evolving capitalism, Unilever emphasizes growth addressing social issues with its long-term oriented investors, employees, consumers.

There are many articulations for successful corporate social responsibility/sustainability, but none more forceful and convincing than that of Unilever's CEO Paul Polman. [Read More]

Eighth World Public Relations Forum: “Communication With Conscience”

“Transforming Communication/Corporate Social Responsibility” [Read More]

Arabesque Asset Management, incorporating Islamic investment principles, and Oxford join the chorus supporting CSR and investments in companies

An unusual business research partnership is presenting new CSR/investment support. [Read More]

Terrorism, brutality and ideological extremism must be confronted and overcome -- mainly with military and political firepower. What comes after that?

People everywhere want security, stability and a chance for a better life. In the long term, that's what business aims to provide, even when people differ. There's a way: [Read More]

Economic transformation of US "Rust Belt" trumps fiercely-debated environmental concerns

Even as fracking is a hot environmental issue nationwide, it has become an economic game-changer for decaying Midwestern cities. [Read More]

As business titans move, will the earth shake?

We know their power and influence, but what will new Bloomberg and Tesla "re-sets" mean in the vast sustainability space? [Read More]

Prestigious business media voice offers new assessment of current, future CSR, sustainable development.

The Economist,in its latest assessment,appears to give "corporate sustainability" qualified support. [Read More]

Did Market Basket employees and customers make labor-management history in restoring their CSR-oriented president?

It’s been called “unheard of in American corporate history”. [Read More]

Room to Read "social entrepreneurs" generate literacy, especially for girls, in ten African, Asia, countries

"By 2015, we will have benefitted 10 million children who will have a better destiny through education", Erin Ganju, Room to Read Co-Founder and CEO, reports in thanking many partners, including an array of supportive business organizations. [Read More]

IBM Service Corps applies core competency to address social problems

Of the many admirable constructive corporate social responsibility/sustainable development programs around the world, why single out IBM's Corporate Service Corps? Let us count the ways: [Read More]

Latest addition to swelling ranks of women leaders combines military, medical and civic accomplishments

Ms. Loree Sutton, a retired U.S. Army Brigadier General, has just been named New York City's next Commissioner of Veterans' Affairs. [Read More]

Chrysler has just joined GM in establishing top-management "stand-alone" company safety czars. At stake: corporate responsibility, trust, confidence -- and, yes, -- sales.

"In a sign of just how much General Motors Co.'s recalls have focused attention on auto safety, Chrysler Group LLC is reorganizing its vehicle safety efforts into a new unit led by a senior vice president who will report directly to CEO Sergio Marchionne", so reports the Detroit News. [Read More]