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Experts: Divestment has limited economic impact, but a big reputational punch

A great outlet for college student idealism, divestment campaigns against fossil fuel companies don't create financial hardship for them [Read More]

Bloomberg (who else?), "financial information and news leader", shows how a service company can be at the leading edge of providing its ESG information

Why give special attention to one of the many thousands of corporate annual social reports? Because Bloomberg's shows how a leading communicator communicates in this space. [Read More]

A ray of hope in dismal U.S. political campaign finance: Transparent companies now disclosing "soft money" contributions.

"Corporations Open Up On Giving In Politics". That was worth a headline in The New York Times today . [Read More]

Clashing political philosophies threaten stalemate, yet again -- this time on vitally needed updates on U.S. environmental laws, regulation

As too often in the past, the opposing lines are clearly drawn: President Obama vs. Congress on the environment. . Enough, already! [Read More]

Turmoil in "The Giving Community"

Will an expert's scathing analysis of traditional philanthropy beget traction and action? Or will newer models like "Strategic Philanthropy" prevail? [Read More]

Saving and improving lives around the world: It takes "a partnership village"

"You Can't Do it Alone"! That was the compelling, urgent mantra throughout yesterday's UN Forum,"Partnerships in Achieving the Post-2015 Development Agenda: Making It Happen". [Read More]

My CSR Heresy – Retire "CSR”; Instead, Call It The Coming New-Normal Business Model

The recent news that a second B Corp -- Etsy, Inc. -- has just gone public prompts this “CSR” tipping point meditation: [Read More]

Global Energy Supply Forecasts Get Existential

Attention must be paid when respected, influential commentators predict about the future of the global energy supply -- even when their predictions raise eyebrows. [Read More]

A coming attraction: The test of clout on climate change -- Pope Francis or Charles/David

This week's Vatican "Summit" (where else for a summit?) on the global environment has set the stage for a lengthy contest between uber-influentials for hearts and minds -- and maybe even souls -- on this epic issue. [Read More]

Muslim scholar directs Holocaust Center at Catholic college

Dr. Mehnaz Afridi, the Muslim director of the Holocaust, Genocide and Interfaith Education Center at Manhattan College in NYC [Read More]

International Non Governmental Organizations are using a more robust set of criteria in choosing private sector partners

It takes two to tango. That bit of whimsy now takes on very serious implications in the context of sustainable development in less developed countries. [Read More]

Indiana walks back its law on owners' religious freedom and selling to L.G.B.T. customers

"The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield." [Read More]

Starbucks' "Race Together" CSR initiative: "To boldly go ..."

Successful companies are innovative. So why, when Starbucks is CSR innovative with its attempt to stimulate race-relations dialogue, must it endure social media mockery? [Read More]

New Study debunks Millennials as "Newsless", "Disengaged"

Young people want the news, but they want to get it their way. [Read More]

Follow the money from key banks: Less financing for coal companies "mining mountains"

Environmentalists have opened a new front in their battle with fossil fuel companies. [Read More]