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China steps up to the plate on international anti-corruption

Sceptics, suspend your disbelief. At least for month. [Read More]

The President -- proud father, husband -- describes new "feminist" even as many strive to overcome its obstacles

It's now commonly accepted that fathers of daughters -- such as President Obama -- are especially supportive of gender equality and opportunity throughout society. But news since his upbeat article in Glamour magazine earlier this month, "This is What a Feminist Looks Like" is not all that encouraging. [Read More]

Anti-Corruption: "The right thing to do" could have a macro tangible upside for needy people around the world

John Kerry said it best: [Read More]

Children stung by terror: "Stop the hate"

They are Kenyan, Indian, Palestinian, French, Spanish and, yes, American -- and they have all been affected by terror in their young lives. [Read More]

Hillary Clinton's "amazing opportunity to become a world historical figure"

David Brooks, citing Hillary Clinton's "amazing opportunity", is right: "Dear Hillary ... somehow you're going to have to come up with an updated muscular Clintonism”. [Read More]

Debunking political "screaming about yesterday's problems" on trade and jobs

"If anyone is claiming that China is enjoying a healthy or robust jobs market, they have no idea what they're talking about". [Read More]

Does CSR extend to addressing the international refugees crisis? "Founder companies" commit to US refugees engagement program.

Fifteen major companies have taken "significant action to assist [in] the refugee crisis." Why? [Read More]

Two corporate titans throw employee relations thunderbolts

As the national politics of income inequality and the minimum wage grind on, two private sector leaders are the latest to take action in these social progress/good business initiatives. [Read More]

Jobs deficit: A root cause of Brexit/Trump populism in the epic evolution of the global economy. We can, must do better.

It would be facile to attribute the current wave of populism to a single cause. But jobs -- related to standard of living, quality of life -- surely represent a tap root for much of the populism ferment. [Read More]

Job-creating Export-Import Bank is limited by a Senator's populist priorities

Sometimes you have to wonder how the U.S. Senate gets anything done. [Read More]

C.E.O. compensation: Shareholders should look at company's multi-year record

Chief executive officers who work to propel their company's stock price can generate "fleeting benefits and disastrous consequences. A better way to measure whether a C.E.O. has created value at a company is to look at its return on capital over a period of years." [Read More]

Employees Are Growing Bolder "On the Way Out"

It's not easy being a responsible company these days. Especially with new human resources issues now bubbling to a froth in the workplace. [Read More]

Corporate sustainable reports now drive ESG performance

Global citizenship reports are delivering "some surprising benefits" ... [Read More]

Leading Shareholder Groups Oppose Company "Virtual" Annual Meetings

In-person give-and-take at company shareholder meetings may soon be a thing of the past. But not if some major institutional investors have their way. [Read More]

How did Trump politics happen? Economists have answers. They're not pretty.

"Versions of Trump and the kind of politics he represents are popping up everywhere." [Read More]