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"Most tech entrepreneurs oppose government oversight. They're wrong"

In this edition, we cede the entire space to Marcus Ryu, chief executive of Guidewire Software with these excerpts from his New York Times op-ed: [Read More]

Preview: "Freedom of the Press" Q/A at "Ask Me Anything"

How we can protect and promote freedom of the press and related pillars of democracy - AMA with John Paluszek, executive editor, Business In Society [Read More]

Paradox: New attacks on corporate social responsibility, mega philanthropists

Why skewer people, as corporate leaders or as individuals, who devote billions of dollars to socio-economic progress and charitable causes? [Read More]

Is Donald Trump above the law?

"Revelations and convictions will eventually force America to confront [that] simple question." [Read More]

Why I now blog "blue" - reflections of an old journalist on this time of national crisis

I thought I had seen it all. [Read More]

A "glimmer of hope" at the interface of Islam and The West

Given the current spreading xenophobia it may surprise many that despite all odds, impressive progress is being made on increasing Islam/West mutual understanding. [Read More]

Trump's "enemy of the people" rants: Toxic to democracy, danger to journalists

"This dirty war on the free press must end." [Read More]

What content should tech giants ban? "Please bear with me. This is incredibly complex"

Maybe we should cut Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, some slack. [Read More]

Mueller-Manafort trial raises some discomforting public relations issues

It may be time for some of us to perform an "examination of conscience" * [Read More]

Is Sustainable Development still sustainable?

In many international circles, it will sound like heresy. But now it must be asked: [Read More]

The Digital-Data Ethics Issues Are Metastasizing – And Costly

Well before last week’s Facebook and Twitter market shockers, the giant digital tech companies were warned: [Read More]

It's a good time to remember patriots Jerry terHorst and Cyrus Vance -- Who?

(June, 2018 - Won't lie, so ICE man goeth - ICE Spokesman James Schwab Resigns, He Could No Longer Spread Falsehoods for #Trump Administration) [Read More]

Immigrant Children Separated From Families: Sustain the National Rage

In just the 36 hours after President Trump signed his bogus photo-op executive order on the separation of immigrant children from their families, it became clear that: [Read More]

Responsible Investing vs. AR-15 weapons

"I believe we are going to reduce the distribution of assault weapons and I believe we are going to make it more difficult for those [gun] companies to get capital." [Read More]

Artificial Intelligence bringing tough ethical decisions to business

It is not hyperbolic to say it: [Read More]