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Google High-Tech Employees Global March: A New Kind of "Labor Movement?"

Are we are on brink of a new kind of workplace "labor movement"? [Read More]

SRI ESG investment soaring -- up 38% in two years

Remaining socially responsible investing (SRI) "Doubting Thomases" had best take a new look at this fast growing and socially impactful investment community. [Read More]

SF voters' CSR issue: Tax companies to help the homeless? What does a company "owe" its hometown(s)?

When, on November 6th San Francisco voters decide whether to tax local companies to help the city's homeless, cities and companies across the country will be paying close attention. [Read More]

Georgia governor's race - microcosm for nation's voting wars

Capsule update on November 6th election status: [Read More]

Religion and Politics - The Catholic Church in crisis and fallout for the West

(Perspective: An iconic Western religious institution, once hegemonic, now struggles with 21st century post-modern relativism and grievous self-inflicted wounds.) [Read More]

Dad asks for just one 85th birthday gift and legacy: "Please VOTE"

An open letter to my wonderful children: [Read More]

Impact Investing: Soaring growth, specially with women/millennials, yet needs clarity

Nice problem (if you must have one): Even with as an estimated $228bn industry reporting 13% asset growth annually, impact investing needs a clearer definition. [Read More]

Is Democracy Dying? Worrisome answers - and glimmering hope

In his keynote commentary for The Atlantic October Issue , "Is Democracy Dying" Staff Writer David From sets an ominous frame: [Read More]

To Tycoons: "Save Publications But Don't Meddle With The News"

When billionaires buy media companies, well, it's complicated. [Read More]

New: Freedom of the Press advocacy -"voice(s) of the people"

Posted at "Ask Me Anything" this week - [Read More]

"Most tech entrepreneurs oppose government oversight. They're wrong"

In this edition, we cede the entire space to Marcus Ryu, chief executive of Guidewire Software with these excerpts from his New York Times op-ed: [Read More]

Preview: "Freedom of the Press" Q/A at "Ask Me Anything"

How we can protect and promote freedom of the press and related pillars of democracy - AMA with John Paluszek, executive editor, Business In Society [Read More]

Paradox: New attacks on corporate social responsibility, mega philanthropists

Why skewer people, as corporate leaders or as individuals, who devote billions of dollars to socio-economic progress and charitable causes? [Read More]

Is Donald Trump above the law?

"Revelations and convictions will eventually force America to confront [that] simple question." [Read More]

Why I now blog "blue" - reflections of an old journalist on this time of national crisis

I thought I had seen it all. [Read More]