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You can't prove this didn't happen

SETI Institute, searching for intelligence in the universe, has just recovered radio emissions from a far away galaxy containing a recording of this recent dialogue:

Mitch McConnell (MMc)

Paul Ryan (PR)

MMC : What crazy thing did he tweet at 3 AM this time?

PR: Something about North Korea and Russia merging in a deal that he brokered for hotel rights.

MM: That's a good one. Has as much chance as his tweet the night before about Ivanka buying Ralph Lauren.

PR: Yeah. But let's get serious here for a moment -- in the interest of the party. He's certifiable and he could cause global havoc any day now. So we've got to continue to protect ourselves and the Grand Old Party.

MMc:  Absolutely. Any ideas?

PR: As a matter of fact, yes. Look, we've now got the presidency as a poweful vehicle for the Republican agenda. Why do we need the Trump-Bannon baggage on that vehicle?

MMc: You mean ...?

PR: Yes. The Twenty Fifth Amendment.

MMc: Would Mike go for it? And the Cabinet?

PR: Mike, very quietly. Even more quietly than Gerry Ford when our forerunners were dumping Nixon. Of course, they didn't need to use the Amendment.

In the Cabinet, we need a majority. I think Rex is ready for it; he's already dizzy from having to implement the see-saw foreign policy. And Mattis and Kelly will probably buy in rather than having to manage a messy military coup. Ben will support it when we wake him. Betsy?

She'll provide any out-of-pocket expenses. 

If the Dems succeed in getting a strong independent counsel on the Trump-Russian connection (tell Jeff to relax on this), and the beans spill as they probably will -- bingo, the tipping point on Crazy King Donald. Of course, we'll have to be "dragged" into the investigations and his ousting so as not lose his base of the "disenfranchised" -- as well as the true deplorables.

MMc: Has it ever been done in U.S. history?

PR: Well, we've never been faced with the country being kidnapped and violated by a megalomaniac. Aaron Burr tried. Coincidentally, he also got bogged down in Mexico.

Cornell Law Institute (in a non-partisan way) lays out the steps to get it done.

MMc: OK, put out the word, but sub-rosa, to key people in your House caucus and I will in the Senate. But, Paul, one caution.

PR: What's that?

MMc : Keep Chaffetz out of it. He flips like a dolphin in Disneyland. Remember, when he said he couldn't look his 15-year-old daughter in the eye if he were to vote for Trump? And then he voted for Trump. Poor kid.

PR: OK. Deal.

MMc:  Now, I have to run. Elaine is waiting for me in the new driverless car. Nice perk  for the Secretary of Transportation. I got one too, in Kentucky blue. In the Cabinet she'll support our little cabal because she knows we can't afford to lose control in 2018.


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